"All the Names"

by José Saramago

Quantum Theatre

Directed and Adapted by Karla Boos

Scenography by Barbara Luderowski and Narelle Sissons

Costume Design by Narelle Sissons

Lighting Design by Cindy Lamaro

Dramaturgy by Megan Monaghan Rivas

Sound Design by Sartje Pickett and Chris Evans


"All the Names Mix"

Bell, Crystal Sculpture, Processed Voice and Sound Effects

Design Concept

A large component of the piece was the space itself. We created systems that would highlight the natural reverberance of the space when we needed it and focused the sound when we needed clarity. We had five large rooms to play with, each were acoustically different so we designed 5 discreet sound systems in each location. We recorded the tower bells and used these as a divise to signal the audience to move to the next location. We did all of the recordings in the building and used the reverberation times in the building to construct the feeling of being in two spaces simultaneously.